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Springsteen and his moments of miracle

Since seeing Springsteen in April, I have been completely under his spell… listening to every album in chronological order, including the box set Tracks and a handful of incredible bootlegs including Bruce and The E-Street Band Live at the Main Point in 1975 and at Winterland in 1979. Both contain there fair share of miracles… moments that make your skin tighten and your nervous system ignite. The version of E-Street Shuffle from 1975 is one of those moments; you can hear in every note that the band is playing for their lives and that Springsteen has everything to prove, everything to live and die for.


I have also been reading Clinton Heylin’s compelling, E-Street Shuffle: The Glory Days of Bruce Springsteen and The E-Street Band. It is a superbly researched book that takes the reader deep into, the at times infuriatingly perfectionist world of Springsteen, from his early days with The Castilles up to the recording of Tunnel of Love and the end of the first E-Street era. And for the real buffs, it provides detailed notes on the 300 songs Springsteen penned during this time. It really is the work of a true aficionado.

One of the few issues I took with the book was Heylin’s final note; that the moments of miracle are fewer these days. Anyone who experienced the recent ‘Wrecking’ shows would attest to the fact that night after night, Springsteen continues to perform miracles. Maybe it is because audiences go expecting nothing less, and that these days Bruce and band are performing in much larger arenas that some of the subtle magic is lost. I can’t say for sure… but what I do know, is it wasn’t lost on me.

Here’s three moments of miracle from three different E-Street eras. Get your fill.

Now I am off to start reading Peter Ames Carlin’s ‘Bruce’.

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Tomorrow night on E-Street

Tomorrow night, I will be on E-Street; standing beside my wife on our 4th wedding anniversary in front of one of our shared musical heroes. Life really doesn’t get much better…

Springsteen has played a vital role in my life. Way back in April 1985, I saw Bruce and the E-Street Band as they stormed the globe on the Born in the U.S.A. Tour. It was my very first taste of live music and almost 30 years on, I still tingle when I think about it. Bruce himself talks about Elvis freeing his body and Dylan freeing his mind… well, that night, Bruce freed both for me; changing forever, the way I think and feel about music and art in general. That night, dancing down the street after the gig, I felt something that I had never known. A fire and a joy that were simultaneously making me laugh, sing and cry.

Bruce’s commitment and passion have continued to be a guiding light in the way I approach my own work… the willingness to stand behind your words, no regrets; to leave nothing behind when you get an opportunity to stand on stage in front of an audience. These principles continue to drive me…

I know tomorrow night is going to be wildly emotional… there will be no Clarence on stage, no Danny, but I’m sure they’ll be in the room… where else would they want to be? As Bruce said, Danny and Clarence haven’t left the E-Street band because they are no longer with us; they leave the band, when the band dies.

And the band is far from that… For the committed, the hungry and the hunted, here’s the full audio from one of the Wrecking Ball shows last year, all three and a bit hours of it:

For those of you looking for a smaller bite, here’s Bruce and band playing Tenth Avenue Freeze Out at last year’s SXSW festival:

See you on the other side of E-Street!


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