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(Near) Perfect Books of Poetry

The good folks over at Lilliput Review have been compiling a list of perfect or near perfect books of poetry and it has now reached the 200 mark.

You can check out the list here: http://lilliputreview.googlepages.com/nearperfectbooksofpoems

Many of the books on the list are books that have had a huge influence on me: Coney Island of the Mind by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Collected Greed Parts 1 – 13 by Diane Wakoski, 100 Poems from the Chinese tr. by Kenneth Rexroth and Poet in New York by Federico Garcia Lorca to name a few.

There are many books on the list I have never read (aaahhh to have the time to read everything I want) and there are of course many titles that I feel should be listed. After all, it wouldn’t be a list if you didn’t want to add to it!

So here are 5 suggestions from me…

On Love and Barley by Basho tr. by Lucien Stryk

The Best of Henri by Adrian Henri

The Clean Dark by Robert Adamson

Radiant Silhouette by John Yau; and

The Three Way Tavern by Ko Un


Each of these collections has had a profound impact on me and I could go on and list more, but I would love to hear which books of poetry you feel deserve to be on the list. So, please add your list of titles in the comments section and feel free to tell us why.

Look forward to hearing from you…


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16 haiku from today’s reading

I had a blast reading at Under A Daylight Moon this afternoon… for all those who weren’t able to be there, here are the 16 haiku I read (those without an author attributed to them are my own):


how fine to see
the pure white fan
of my beloved



girl cat, so
thin on love
and barley



swat those flies
softly please
I want to sleep



my last resort —
I borrow the cat’s



not speaking
our shadows
keep touching



sun & moon
in the same sky
the small hand of my wife



holding you
in me still…
sparrow songs



If I go alone
I’ll lie in the wildflowers
and dream of you


in your panties
slightly pulled down
a crisp fallen leaf


her hair smell
in my face, my fingers
count her vertebrae


up her leg
I trace a line
of goosepimples

at sunset
two cats in love
the old dog moans

first date
too scared to kiss
on the ghost train

love letter
so humid
the page curls

faint glow
the moon on her skin
afer lovemaking

in love again
the kettle
boiled dry


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