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Poetry & Cartoons

As I kid, Sunday morning was all about cartoons. Long, hazy mornings that seemed to stretch endlessly… episodes of Dastardly & Mutley, Batfink & Karate, Voltron, He Man and the Masters of the Universe, Rocky & Bullwinkle and one of my favourites… the Wacky Racers:

So this morning, longing for a good cartoon (and they are hard to find these days), I decided to post of my favourite animated poems… so sit back, let the morning stretch and the inner child kick its way to the surface.

The Language by Robert Creeley
Now and Then by Billy Collins
Poem beginning with a line by Frank Lima by Lisa Jarnot

and this absolute gem…


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Ah Pook + Poetry Publishing for the 21st Century

It’s Saturday and the sun is shining outside, so to get your minds limbered up check out this short film of Burroughs’ all purpose bedtime story, Ah Pook is Here.

Ah Pook is Here is a collaboration between Burroughs and artist Malcolm McNeill. Originally conceived as a graphic novel, it was published (text only) in 1979 after several attempts to get the project off the ground. Thankfully the artwork has been rediscovered and is now being exhibited in the USA.

Here’s a link to see the artwork.

And here’s the link to the film

And don’t forget the QPF Filmmakers Challenge is now open so get your entries in.

Now that you have got your fix of film, art and Burroughs check out this article by Timothy Green (editor of Rattle) on poetry publishing for the 21st Century. He makes some really interesting points about the current model of online publishing (including a link to the Top 50 Literary Journals Online), and gives his view on a way forward for small press publishers. Well worth the read friends!

Poetry Publishing for the 21st Century by Timothy Green.

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