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Throw your words in the river…

The good people over at Pool have put the call out to poets far and wide to submit poems about rivers. This is what they are looking for:

Rivers call to people’s souls. Managing rivers is a fine art, but essential to the survival of everything we know. So when the heart land rivers of a nation are sick, how does that affect us all?  Tell us your memories of rivers loved and lost, loved and regained, your river dreams.

Contributions can be in any style, audio, text, or video/images.

Final entries need to be sent in by cob September 15, 2010. If you post soon you will get feedback on early drafts from producers and other contributors. Remember you can repost new drafts as often as you wish, so long as final drafts are in by the due date.

I know this Lost Shark is going to throw a few words into the river… and here’s a glimpse of one of my favourite rivers, the mighty Brunswick River in Northern NSW. Believe me… it’s close to heaven!

photograph by Cindy Keong


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Fishing for Richard Brautigan

This morning I took the time to listen in to Radio National’s Book Show dedicated to the late, great Richard Brautigan.

The show also focuses on the (relatively) new Australian literary journal, Torpedo, published by Falcon vs. Monkey, Falcon Wins. In 2009, Torpedo magazine, published a Richard Brautigan issue to commemorate the 25th anniversary of his untimely death. The issue features short fiction from Brautigan’s daughter Ianthe, alicia sometimes, Josephine Rowe, Chris Flynn and Adam Ford to name but a few and it also features a generous selection of Brautigan’s own short fiction and poetry.

You can also read an interview with Torpedo editor, Chris Flynn about how the issue came about.

Ah yes, listening to the words of Brautigan, makes for a fine start to any day… Wherever you may be, hope yours is a good one!

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Submit to the Sea Things Project


Sea Things is a new public poetry project initiated by the Red Room Company in partnership with ABC Radio National. In a modern day seafaring odyssey, two duffle bags of poems will traverse the Australian coast in private, commercial and naval vessels in October and November, docking in Hobart, Melbourne, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth and Thursday Island, before being flown back to Sydney for a final event where the four commissioned poets (Sandra Thibodeaux, Luke Beesley, Graeme Miles and Petra White) will read their work and the poems gathered along the way.

So how can you get involved?

Head on over to the Pool and upload your poems, comment on the poetry that has been uploaded, and join in the poetic conversation. So what are you waiting for… jump in.


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Letter Vox: Postcards from the Literary Edge

While we are on the topic of ‘loving books’, I thought this project was something worth alerting people to.

Late last year, Letter Vox put out a call to all book lovers asking them to send in an audio postcard, spilling the beans on their love of books. It can be an audio tour of your bookshelf, your views on why books still matter, memories of the books you loved as a child, the places you love to read… anything at all related to your passion for books and reading.

So come on, get creative and make an audio file 2 – 5 minutes in length and send it in to Pool. Your’s may be featured on ABC Radio National’s Book Show.

Full details on the Letter Vox project can be found here: http://pool.org.au/content/letter_vox

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