Suzanne Jones

the yellow line

the boy man     easy in jeans / 5 o’clock shadow / a company of ghosts. and our 2 year old / a debut of promises ready or not here I come. heralds the oncoming rush of the present / precise as the stroller to my shin. toot toot’ and we plunge into Central

it catches me at the lights on Edward / 2 years of exhaustion and a 2 year old screaming amber. the oncoming rush met: the curse of business meetings / the absence of hawkers / the curse of vanity why these red shoes? crossing this street we are left alone

calves     taut conversations. post work drinks in post modern bars. we meet in a feeling of impossible and head for Chinatown. so hard to be lonely in this Valley where everything has its soundtrack: dragon drumming chopsticks / the fortune cookie & its flour thin wisdom if you feel too old to do it, do it. our son king & we his hors d’oeuvres

struck by the long arch of coincidence / it rushes past faster than his rocket ship chasing the yellow line. you make a funny remark that lands / we board the north train




on the way to the show he tells me
his legs are hungry, a storm is growling
panda’s know kung fu

these fluorescent streets / air conditioned luxury
the women here a mix of pre and post war waist
often with their mothers / longing for my own
god damn we underrate what it is to be born

he doesn’t seem to know whether to sit down or stand up
no one told him
reminds me of my grandmother, now awaiting instruction
staring at windows /stuck in the in between

he tells me monsters live upstairs and maybe he’s right
in the apartment block on the corner lives a man with lollies
you know – the one you were told not to talk to when you were five
perhaps he is just lonely

I think I cry more at children’s shows
they’re turning them into little warriors
a kung fu fighting crescendo

he’s patting hands with the panda now
show’s over
he tells me again
my legs are hungry




Suzanne Jones loves to weave words via a tapestry of spoken word narratives and music. Two time finalist in the Nimbin Performance Poetry World Cup, winner of the National Poetry Week Open Mic Championship (2006), finalist in the QPF Poetry Slam (2006); she has been published in the likes of Going Down Swinging, Page Seventeen, Black Mail Press, Cottonmouth, and Spoken in One Strange Word; she has also featured at the Queensland Poetry Festival, WordFood at Woodford Folk Festival, and the Australian Poetry Slam; Suzanne is a founding member and committee member of  QLD’s premier experimental spoken word collective ouTsideRs.

3 responses to “Suzanne Jones

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  2. Suzanne,

    Love the way you enact the domestic in the realm of the city, the way kids use language in more accurate fashions than we can even poetically conjure, the idea of being stuck in the in between, and overall the way you evoke motherhood in contemporary terms, in language, so important to place that experience there.

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