Queens Gardens Ginko: WA Poetry Festival

It’s been a gloriously hectic few days of poetry over in the city of Perth. The WA Poetry Festival has been quietly taking over venues all around the city, and one such venue was Queens Gardens. Yesterday, I was joined by a small group of haiku enthusiasts, and together we gave ourselves over to the beauty of the gardens. This morning, I am off to run a haiku workshop, but before I go, here are three haiku that Rose van Son, Meryl Manoy, Gary De Piazzi and I wrote collaboratively as part of the ginko.

creeper climbs
the space between
bird and watcher


tip of the jacaranda surrounded by concrete


flame tree
I look on
my reflection



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4 responses to “Queens Gardens Ginko: WA Poetry Festival

  1. love the idea of poets taking over the city πŸ™‚

  2. Haiku with friends, coffee by the river: even the cold and rain couldn’t disrupt a perfect morning.

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