Haiku in Translation

Got some exciting news today that a second haiku has been published in translation (in Chinese) at NeverEnding Story, by poet, publisher and translator, Chen-ou Liu. To know that this poem will be read in more than one language is a great honour. Here is a link to read the poem and the translations (yes, there are two).

And as you may know, it is a tradition of mine that with every haiku published, I compose a new one to celebrate. This one is fresh from rolling around my head …


stone buddha
the thought of myself
at peace


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6 responses to “Haiku in Translation

  1. Congratulations, Graham.

  2. Great news, Graham – and another fantastic ku here (and there!)

  3. finding that place of peace…beautifully penned graham…and congrats on the publication

  4. Congrats…given your writing artistry…you’re going to be busy with that tradition.

  5. Vuong Pham

    Smashed it.

  6. Both terrific – congrats 🙂

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