The first Brisbane New Voices V poet is…

the magnificent, Simon Kindt!

Simon Kindt

About as suburban as you can get, Simon grew up on the southside of Brisbane, began a career as a teacher in 2003 and has been writing poetry since 2012.

In 2013, Simon has flung himself into the Brisbane spoken word scene and is currently working on developing a performance poetry crew of ruffian teenagers at a major metropolitan high school. Watch out for them.

Simon has performed at the Brisbane Emerging Arts Festival (2013), was selected as a SpeedPoets call back poet (2013) and once won some strawberry jam at Jamjar Slam.


Here’s a taste of what’s to come…

Flinders 3

From the mesa the town below
was just another map of itself,
peeled back skin pinned by eucalypts
and leaning fence posts,
the river dry a spine dissected,
edges fraying into ghosts of Elysian Fields.

From the east the thunderheads rolled in
heavy and crackling,
magnesium flares sparking,
lighting up the sky’s belly and
drums, drums and drums.

We were golden jokes,
strange shapes in stranger places,
mermaids high and dry.

You, proof of a lower case god,
a driftwood cathedral bell tower rung,
singing for the slick and honey wet.
Me, opening my copper throat with flints,
to drink the sky from red and flashing gills.

We sat, sails flapping and jaws reaching as
the sky broke open overhead,
the storm clouds, waves following each other in,
throats popping and gushing,
the rain, molasses thick and wine dark,
falling over itself to get to us
before we drowned in air.


I hope there are many poets reading this, and sharpening their poems for submission to Brisbane New Voices V. I’m ready to read!


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5 responses to “The first Brisbane New Voices V poet is…

  1. Thanks for the introduction to his poetry…loved the line “You, proof of a lower case god,…”

  2. A well deserved voice! Congratulations, Simon!

  3. Andy Smerdon

    Congrats Simon! Great use of words to paint some amazing images – I particularly love the image of the countries skin, peeled back and pinned by eucalyptus. Fantastic.

  4. Congratulations, Simon – can’t wait to read this one too!

  5. vanessapage

    Love the poem and looking forward to the book. Welcome to the BNV family Simon!

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