Varuna Bound

Well, things may quieten here over the next week, as tomorrow I head off to Varuna to soak in silence and see what bubbles to the surface. One week of solid, uninterrupted writing, sitting at Eleanor Dark’s desk in her studio overlooking the magnificent gardens. Sounds amazing when I say it, though, a little daunting at the same time…

Eleanor Dark Studio

Good friend and fine poet, Nathan Shepherdson jokingly said it’s an opportunity to go Chris Gayle (cricket reference for all those wondering) style and write 100 poems in the week, but as I said, a well crafted 30 would do me just fine.

One thing is for sure, I will be sharing the odd poem here over the coming weeks… and hopefully a postcard in the next few days.



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3 responses to “Varuna Bound

  1. Sounds just wonderful…looking forward to the fruits of this week.

  2. Hi Graham. What a divine week you will have. What bliss. Enjoy.

  3. Wow – you’ll really enjoy the experience, I am sure. Quality beats quantity any day – so keeps some time just for thinking πŸ˜‰ and maybe drinking – hahaha

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