TYTO Wetlands Haiku

Almost two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of spending time with a handful of poets exploring the art of haiku in the immensely beautiful surrounds of Ingham’s TYTO Wetlands. Our ginko produced some fine poems, and Cindy, as always, took some incredible photos so that you can share in the beauty. I want to say a big thank you to all of the poets involved.


lining up the perfect photo
birds move
to the other side


june wind
the flap
of duck’s wings

[Cindy Keong]


ducks flap clk

photograph by Cindy Keong


memories burst
manda’s in the hot sun


woodland ducks here and gone

[Helen Stanton]


woodland ducks clk

photograph by Cindy Keong


yellow grass
stroked by the wind
butterflies dance


calling water
bubbles rise to
the surface of my heart

[Pam Lane]


water bubbles clk

photograph by Cindy Keong


storm clouds approaching white herons


darken the sky
awake again

[Barbara Horsley]


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3 responses to “TYTO Wetlands Haiku

  1. The images and words make a fine pairing.

  2. Beautiful photographs Cindy! Love the flap of the duck’s wings and June wind.

  3. ha – love that first one esp… can’t someone tell the birds to stay where they are until the photo’s done…smiles..also love the duck wings flapping in june wind..so cool

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