My Aching Back: Chris Lynch Remix

Time for another remix of the epic, My Aching Back. This time, Chris Lynch leaves his fingerprint on the poem.


My Aching Back

Started: 15 May 2013 – Finished: 8 June 2013
Written between: Matt Hetherington, Lyndon Norton, Ashley Capes, Lee-Anne Davie, Chris Lynch, John Wainwright, Cindy Keong, Simon Kindt, Andrew Phillips, Chloë Callistemon, and Carly-Jay Metcalfe

my aching back
a leaf falls
from a branch

(Matt Hetherington)

as I put down the rake
the sky darkens

(Lyndon Norton)

in the shed
removing a dropcloth
from old paintings

(Ashley Capes)

gravy smears the dinner plate
winter moon

(Lee-Anne Davie)

I regret
the light switch

(Chris Lynch)

deep breathing
in a library of ladders

(John Wainwright)

along the edge
of her grave
a row of daffodils

(Cindy Keong)

roots slide in deep
an earthy spinal tap

(Simon Kindt)

a receding tide
scurries across the mud flat

(Andrew Phillips)

your bite
wrapped in my scarf

(Chloë Callistemon)

morning in bed
between us the glow
of smartphones

(Lyndon Norton)

nothing matters
after sunset

(Carly-Jay Metcalfe)


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4 responses to “My Aching Back: Chris Lynch Remix

  1. What a lovely surprise and an even more rad mix! Well done, Chris 🙂

  2. miguel

    Superb – love that transition from smartphone glow to ‘after sunset’

  3. ha – we have a rule… no smartphones in bed…smiles..

  4. Elnorto

    I like this one also! My vanity likes seeing 2 of mine in there! 😛

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