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Queensland Poetry Festival believes in bringing the poetic arts onto the cultural main stage and this year they are celebrating 17 years as Australia’s finest poetry festival. From August 23 – 25 QPF will light up the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts with poetry, spoken in one strange word. Local poets take the stage alongside performers from across the seas in an entire weekend of free poetry, performance, and collaborations exclusive to QPF audiences.

But they couldn’t do all of this without you. The support of the poetry community enables QPF to support the creative and professional development of Queensland and Australian poets, it helps keep the festival free and accessible for everyone, and it allows QPF to continue to deliver exciting, innovative, and world-class poetry to Queensland, Australia, and the world.

Along with the warm fuzzy that comes from supporting a poet and a wonderful grass roots organisation, all donations are tax-deductible. And all Support-a-Poet donors will be acknowledged on the QPF website.

QPF is pleased to be working with Creative Partnerships Australia to enable our supporters to make tax-deductible donations, and as the end of the financial year approaches it is a great time to show your support. Choose from one of the options below, or donate to the amount of your choosing. Donations of any size will make an enormous contribution and all donations over $2 are tax deductible.

So here’s how you can support a poet:

$25      Support poetry publishing and help produce a limited edition QPF Anthology
$75      Support an aspiring poet by giving them a place in a masterclass
$130    Support an emerging poet by supporting their feature performance
$240    Support the development of a new poetic artwork
$350    Support regional poets by taking QPF on the road

Donations can be made here… I’m off to make mine now!


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  1. nice..i think it’s great when young poets get some support – be it personal or financial

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