Shisan: My Aching Back (Links #11 – #12)

We are now breathing distance from the ageku and the end of the shisan. What a thrill selecting each link has proven to be; and this is thanks to the vibrant community that has gathered to build this poem word by word, image by image, link by link. So let’s jump in and take a look at the poems on offer for the second of our love links.

Again, it was exciting to see love painted with such broad brushstrokes. From the inspiration that floods from Miguel’s ‘blushed cheeks’, to the glow of smartphones between Lyndon’s lovers; the glorious presence of Aaron’s ‘glimmering eyes’ to the fragrance that lingers as Mal skips a stone across the water; the dark intent of John’s moon to the distance between  Lyndon’s tide and lovers; the nakedness of words as Andy slow dances us across the floor to the lull between waves that Cindy leaves us to experience; we experience love in one of its many outfits.

Each of these poems has its own possibility, and many have held (and continue to hold) me in there spell. In making my decision, I have gone back through Links 1 – 10, to ensure that Link #11 breaks new ground, as now, more than ever, it is important to look forward without referencing any of the previous images. Sadly, this ruled out some excellent links… two examples of poems that would otherwise be a fine addition to the shisan are Miguel’s ‘his blushed cheek’ (its use of canvas creates a direct link back to Ashley’s ‘old paintings’ in Link #3), and John’s ‘moonshine’ (in the shisan, there can only be one moon image).

So with this in mind, I have been moving between two poems to make the next leap. These poems are the uproariously funny ‘pyjamas’ (John) and Cindy’s ‘incoming tide’. In the end, the tide carried me away and for Link #11, we welcome Cindy into the shisan. The hushed tones and longing pull of this poem will provide the perfect touchstone to bring us full circle with Link #12. To strengthen the flow of the poem, I have however, decided to change the position of the fragment – incoming tide – moving it from line 1 to line 3.

So let’s open the final call out… Link #12, the ageku, asks for 2 lines with a good splash of summer. It is also important that this link in some way brings us back to imagery in Matt’s opening link (the hokku).

Enjoy the last leap!


My Aching Back: Shisan
Started: 15 May 2013 – Finished:
Written between: Matt Hetherington, Lyndon Norton, Ashley Capes, Lee-Anne Davie, Chris Lynch, Mal Keeble, Chloe Callistemon, John Wainwright, Nigel Ellis, Andy Smerdon,

Side 1jo – preface

Link #1 (3 lines) – hokku (autumn)

my aching back
a leaf falls
from a branch

(Matt Hetherington)

Link #2 (2 lines) – wakiku (autumn)

as I put down the rake
the sky darkens

(Lyndon Norton)

Link #3 (3 lines) – daisan (non seasonal)

in the shed
removing a dropcloth
from old paintings

(Ashley Capes)

Side 2ha part one – development

Link #4 (2 lines) – winter  moon

gravy smears the dinner plate
winter moon

(Lee-Anne Davie)

Link #5 (3 lines) – non seasonal

I regret
the light switch

(Chris Lynch)

Link #6 (2 lines) – non seasonal

the old dog dreams
of the chase

(Mal Keeble)

Side 3ha part two – intensification

Link #7 (3 lines) – spring blossom

the puppy
pisses on all
the daffodils

(Chloe Callistemon)

Link #8 (2 lines) – spring

spring shower
yolk burst on the tongue

(John Wainwright)

Link #9 (3 lines) – non seasonal

behind teeth
a storm gathers
I cannot swallow this

(Nigel Ellis)

Side 4kyu – finale

Link #10 (2 lines)- non seasonal, love verse

china doll
still holding hands

(Andy Smerdon)

Link #11 (3 lines) – non seasonal, love verse

waiting for
the next wave
incoming tide

(Cindy Keong)

Link #12 (2 lines) – ageku (summer)


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21 responses to “Shisan: My Aching Back (Links #11 – #12)

  1. #12
    fruit tumbling
    out of my mouth
    overripe fruit a sticky blanket
    rotting on the forest floor

  2. Jonathan

    recycling an entry for one of the other links, which in itself was recycled from an old poem 🙂

    drop falls from my forehead
    pool water or sweat?

  3. miguel

    I see where I’ve been going wrong 🙂 I thought _making_ links was encouraged where breaking ground is better (at least at certain times).

    anyway.. linking back to the first..

    kicking sand over
    loose ends

  4. Miguel, I think the idea is to make the link as fine as gossamer (simile? No!!).
    As I understand the ageku, it should link to the first, but also round off the whole series of poems. Here is an attempt from me to do that:

    light the sign
    “Tall Trees – VACANCY”

  5. #12
    an empty bed
    under the poinciana
    your carved initials
    surrounded by a sea of red

  6. #12
    nothing matters
    after sunset
    sow my dreams
    in the soil of your hands
    feeding my breath
    to the blistering wind

  7. Andy Smerdon

    shirtless at the beach
    pale skin blushes

  8. Jonathan

    second attempt

    did I mention
    ice hitting ice hitting glass

  9. #12
    it’s decided then:
    last round’s on me

  10. #12

    kids squeal
    chase the sprinkler

  11. #12

    the snake flows
    over dry grass

  12. Aaron Schalock

    sun through leafy branches
    cooling in the shade

  13. #12
    deciduous teeth
    is there a leaf fairy
    ripples ~ heat ~ sand ~water
    ~ raspberry ~ laughter ~ breeze

  14. miguel

    peeling the skin
    off the day

  15. I think a big day in the car from Rockhampton to the Sunny Coast has given me credit for another two attempts.

    melting quickly
    our initials remain
    flamed canopy guards
    our initials

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