Boondall Wetlands Ginko

On Sunday, ten of us embraced our haiku spirit and the natural wonder of the Boondall Wetlands as we set off on our Autumn Ginko. The sky was endless blue and the wind had a crispness to it… as did the poems that were shared after our time spent walking / sitting / dreaming. There is such a warmth and sense of kinship amongst the group… a sense of togetherness and discovery that is truly inspiring.

I hope that feeling shines through in these poems and that they give you the same inner sparkle that I get each time I read them.

Thank you also to Cindy Keong for her always stunning photography… already looking forward to our winter walk at Slaughter Falls.

wetlands grasses clk

[photograph by Cindy Keong]


self-guided tour, making a note to learn how

(Chris Lynch)


sunlit grass
my eye loses the way

(Roger Callen)


on the shorebirds turf
a crab filters mud

(Andy Smerdon)


pelican rising clk

[photograph by Cindy Keong]


to kill the mosquito
he slaps my face gently

(Matt Hetherington)


some tree species show every bump of the cyclist

(Andrew Phillips)


stingless bee
the old man
picks a flower

(Jonathan Hadwen)


crow poet clk

[photograph by Cindy Keong]


after the poets leave the crow comes

(John Wainwright)


further and further

(Cindy Keong)


river mouth
my brother’s infected toe

(David Stavanger)


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6 responses to “Boondall Wetlands Ginko

  1. misswoodhouse

    Loved reading this!

  2. Sounds a productive outing.

  3. YES! very sweet experience for me, for many reasons. and wrote a few decent ku, too! thank you to graham for organising it, and to everyone there.

  4. good stuff! Sounds like a peaceful and productive day πŸ™‚ Enjoy Slaughter Falls (used to picnic there a lot as kids and float down the stream in our clothes) – my boys paediatrician was called Dr Slaughter (not the best name for a paed – haha)

  5. Andy Smerdon

    Thanks for an excellent day Graham. Had a blast and already looking forward to winter.

  6. I’m saddened that I wasn’t organised enough to be a part of these Ginko. Still haven’t been to the Boondall wetlands!

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