Walking the Wetlands

Sunday was a glorious day for a ginko (haiku walk) and the Boondall Wetlands are a truly beautiful place to let yourself sink into a haiku headspace. I will be posting more about the ginko in the next few days, along with poems from the group, but for now, here’s a few poems composed while walking the wetlands.

river mud - clk

[photograph by Cindy Keong]


river mud
I look into
my future


clouds pass
flashing the salt bush
back to red


wetlands path - clk

[photograph by Cindy Keong]


off the track
a new track
of trampled vines


autumn wind
the kite I cannot see


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3 responses to “Walking the Wetlands

  1. cool….love the seeing the future in river mud and the kite whistling there in the end..nice..

  2. Oh…that first one was just brilliant IMHO.

  3. gotta love the wetlands πŸ˜‰ The fourth one is my favourite – we’re getting a lot of kites around here lately (eating all the field mice I think)

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