Autumn Ginko at Boondall Wetlands

Tomorrow, I will be will be trekking around the gorgeous Boondall Wetlands with ten other haiku enthusiasts on our autumn ginko.


If the weather stays like it is today – early 20’s and endless blue – it is going to be beautiful to be near the water in a haiku state of mind. Here’s one that I have been rolling around in my head this morning…


autumn light
promise we’ll see
each other again


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3 responses to “Autumn Ginko at Boondall Wetlands

  1. Really love that image with the poem…just the right touch.

  2. very cool…have fun on the haiku walk.. that sounds like much fun..and loved your autumn haiku as well…

  3. I loooove this time of year – the blue skies go on forever – your haiku is a perfect match πŸ™‚ enjoy the autumn ginko

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