Cleansing Trucks with Poetry

A small fleet of cleansing trucks (formerly known as garbage trucks) will take poetry into some very unexpected places in the lead up to the Sydney Writers Festival which runs from May 20 – 26.

Eleven trucks are currently doing the rounds of Sydney’s streets adorned with poetry. This initiative takes the phrase ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ to new heights; transporting the words of 19 poets into the public arena, where it is hoped that many people will connect with the unique and arresting language of poetry.

The 19 poems featured are a wonderful mix of old and new; selected by festival guest, award-winning poet and novelist, Luke Davies.

Here’s a list of the poems doing the rounds and a promo video for the project:

• Rainer Maria Rilke (from “Archaic Torso of Apollo”) (tr: Stephen Mitchell)
• Gig Ryan (from “When I Consider”)
• Peter Porter (from “The Unicorn in Love”)
• Jessy Randall (“Why I had Children”)
• Martin Harrison (from “Walking Back from the Dam”)
• David Campbell (“Mothers and Daughters”)
• John Berryman (from “Eleven Addresses to the Lord”)
• W. B. Yeats (from “Vacillation”)
• Kevin Hart (from “Dark Bird”)
• Judith Wright (from “Sonnet”)
• Kay Ryan (“Fool’s Errands”)
• John Berryman (from “Op. posth. no. 13”)
• Laurie Duggan (from “Letter to John Forbes”)
• joanne burns (“revisionism”)
• John Berryman (from “Overseas Prayer”)
• Marilyn Hacker (“Villanelle for D.G.B.”)
• L. K. Holt (from “From Inside the MRI Scanner”)
• Judith Wright (from “Woman to Child”)
• S. K. Kelen (from “Reality Check”)

Let’s hope this idea is taken on nation wide… the clatter of the cleansing truck can use a little poetry to make it more palatable.



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7 responses to “Cleansing Trucks with Poetry

  1. Now that’s city involvement in the arts! 🙂

  2. ah that warms the cockles of me heart – hahahaha 😉

  3. awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. That’s garbage! How great are those blokes? Love it G. Bring it to Bris.

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