Between Thistles: Variation #1 by Chris Lynch

When Between Thistles came to an end, I invited each of the participating poets to revisit the poems on offer (all 100+ suggested links) with a view to curating their own version. My aim was for this to show the depth of writing on offer and to explore the many roads this poem left unexplored. Chris Lynch has risen to the challenge, so here is his variation on the New Junicho, Between Thistles.


Between Thistles: A New Junicho
Started: 12 April 2013 – Finished: 30 April 2013
Written between: Ashley Capes, Andrew Phillips, Chloë Callistemon, Phillip Ellis, Cindy Keong, Rachael Briggs, Chris Lynch, Dhyan, Trish Reid, and Andy Smerdon

Link #1 (3 lines) – hokku / shasei

between thistles
the crane’s
Egyptian walk

(Ashley Capes)


Link #2 (2 lines) – waki / cultural (literature)

she hushes the bundle
in a river basket

(Andrew Phillips)


Link #3 (3 lines) – daisan / cultural (film)

fan rotors beat
The End
to the smell of napalm

(Chloë Callistemon)


Link #4 (2 lines) – verse / shasei

summer showers
fan the Gold Coast

(Phillip Ellis)


Link #5 (3 lines) – verse / shasei

possums on the roof
a sudden clap
of thunder

(Cindy Keong)


Link #6 (2 lines) – verse / cultural (art)

bad Saturn! put it down!
Goya should paint a bell on him

(Rachael Briggs)


Link #7 (3 lines) – verse / cultural (religion)

the old jizo ignores
his red beanie

(Chris Lynch)


Link #8 (2 lines) – verse / gendai

nothing happens.



Link #9 (3 lines) – verse / gendai

she misses his cheek
mouth wanders

(Trish Reid)


Link #10 (2 lines) – verse / cultural (politics)

a new man rises
such rough beast

(Phillip Ellis)


Link #11 (3 lines) – verse / cultural (music)

to have been
two hands clapping
with Freddie

(Chloë Callistemon)


Link #12 (2 lines) – ageku / shasei

beneath bare feet
mud squelches

(Andy Smerdon)


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3 responses to “Between Thistles: Variation #1 by Chris Lynch

  1. cool

    really liked Trish’s (#9) – missed it on the first run of offeres

  2. bare feet and mud…ha…right up my alley…smiles

  3. great stuff – hahaha 🙂

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