On Joy and Sorrow

QLD Poetry Festival’s ‘Artistic Director’, Sarah Gory, recently invited a number of Australian poets to respond to a handful of questions that explore the wild landscapes of Joy and Sorrow. This interview series, named for Kahlil Gibran’s famous poem in which he artfully says that joy and sorrow are two sides of the same coin, was inspired by the ‘on beauty‘ series that Lemon Hound are currently running.

On Joy and Sorrow

In inviting us to participate, Sarah has encouraged us to open up about how we as poets interact with the emotions we are often accused of ‘evoking’. Living with and responding to these questions was a genuinely moving experience, so I hope there is something in these responses to carry with you… So here I am, talking ‘On Joy and Sorrow.’

And while you are reading, I recommend exploring the responses of Betsy Turcot and Matt Hetherington; there is much to revel in.



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3 responses to “On Joy and Sorrow

  1. very cool…off to read and really…that pic…now i wanna kiss a lion…seriously…smiles

  2. An interesting series of questions posed for the interview…quite enjoyed reading your answers and gaining more of a perspective of you and your poetry.

  3. great interview Graham and really love the cat haiku that you selected 🙂 I agree that joy and sorrow are intimately linked

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