Happy Record Store Day

Today is one of those joyous days, where there is a perfectly good excuse to go out and buy new music… it’s Record Store Day! Our record store of choice today was Rockaway Records. So here’s what came home and has since been spinning on our beloved turntable.

Two Record Store Day limited release “45s:


Five by Five – The Rolling Stones


Animal X – Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds


these four gems…








Would love to hear what has been making your world spin…


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3 responses to “Happy Record Store Day

  1. Max Ryan

    hey graham 5×5 think it was my first EP as they used to call em… chuck berry’s around and around brought to its shimmering heights… still love that song!

  2. Samuel Yirga – Guzo
    Bill Evans – Waltz for Debby
    Led Zeppelin – Celebration Day
    Prince – Love Symbol Album

    Fantastically ‘almost-awkward’ photo of the Stones there too, Graham

  3. A post to return to to check on everyone’s world.

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