Snake Weather: A Summer Renga (part iv)

Snake Weather has stretched its full length… it was a wonderful experience working with such a diversity of voices and watching how each poet shifted the energy of the poem. It is a renga that I feel deserves repeated reads, so I have included the links to parts i, ii and iii here so that you can take it all in. There is much to enjoy!

Snake Weather (part i)
Snake Weather (part ii)
Snake Weather (part iii)

Snake Weather
A Summer Kasen Renga
Started: February 10, 2013 – Finished: April 14, 2013

Written by / between:
David S, Andy S, Cindy K, Katherine B, Chris L, Trish R, John W, Helen R, Andrew P

Moon CLK

[photograph by Cindy Keong]


gloves no longer needed
fingertips   cigarettes   pink



Easter moon
in one hand
a beer and a crucifix



raking red ficus berries
she considers a change in lipstick



cold wind
not noticing
her silences



inside the cavern
our eyes adjust



wooden beat
of her walking stick



at High Copse the robin left him
cutting an ash sapling



A quick shower
cherry blossom petals
carpet the sidewalk



both of them arrive late
to the opening matinée



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3 responses to “Snake Weather: A Summer Renga (part iv)

  1. A most interesting and enjoyable project…having fun following it.

  2. smiles…love them all…esp. the lipstick one though..smiles

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