Snake Weather: A Summer Renga (part iii)

As I post this, Snake Weather is crawling off on its final leg… so for now, please enjoy this third phase of the renga written by David Stavanger, Andy Smerdon, Cindy Keong, Graham Nunn, Chris Lynch, Trish Reid, John Wainwright, Helen Ross and Andrew Phillips.

CLK Snake Weather

[photograph by Cindy Keong]

he wears shoes to bed
she finds bones in her shoes
Spring cleaning



bitter hands rip him
from the wedding photo



again and again
she strikes – the familiar
sound of thunder



the wild plum
rolls to a stop



more insects
at the kitchen fluoro
endless rain



frankincense dusk
just an oud and her voice



mercury rises
pommie bastards are wet
dreaming of EIIR



wine stains on the carpet
this broken heart



electrostatic therapy
shock jumps of laughter
with the nieces



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6 responses to “Snake Weather: A Summer Renga (part iii)

  1. just love the wild plums rolling to a stop..

  2. Wow, every piece is fantastic.

  3. Definitely a snakey selection πŸ˜‰ I concur with Mr Jackson

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