Fish Head

pale moon
one eye sucked
from the fish head


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  1. Since I’m reading this at breakfast time here…not as appealing as it may be later today…the image…not the poem…the poem is fine for this time of day.:-)

  2. ha….now i’m getting hungry…see…smiles..isn’t it cool when food inspires poetry…? smiles

  3. Deborah Norrie-Jones

    had a lovely chuckle… thanks. (won’t forget that photo! )

  4. Reblogged this on MirrorMosaicOfSounds and commented:
    In response to Graham’s pale moon:

    snow moon
    fishing for walleye
    at the depth of snow

    “In Native American lore, the full Moon in February is called the Snow Moon, as this time of year usually signals the deepest snows of winter in the now cold northern latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere. “

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