The Crow: A Summer Renga (part vi)

With this sixth part of our renga, ‘The Crow’ has come to an end. It has been a thrill as always working with Ashley and Cindy; already we are planning an Autumn renga, so watch this space over the coming weeks. For now, enjoy the final flight of The Crow.

Branches Stripped CLK

[photograph by Cindy Keong]

tissues pile up
every branch
stripped bare


face to face
with the wind


genealogy is all
you sleep in
a rented suit


unworn for years
this memory


clouds pass
the confused heads
of sunflowers


paperboy on your starlit route
the dark turning into birds


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3 responses to “The Crow: A Summer Renga (part vi)

  1. YES! Nice work, GN πŸ™‚

  2. Excellent series…looking forward to the autumn set.

  3. ladpoetry

    Hi G

    Sorry I couldn’t make it last Saturday. Something came up last minute. Will prioritise next month.

    Here’s one I wrote yesterday …

    Last night I held the wind in my ears the howl of it wailed through window seals white cotton drapes blew writhed on their rod flailed about all arms and legs.

    The shoji screen smashed to the floor the door wrenched from its catch flung like paper shut.

    *** morning light a lizard worships a stone girl worn with rain curtseying

    Take care. Much love to the fam.

    LA x

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