Snake Weather: A Summer Renga

Our recent ginko through Karawatha Forest has spun off into a summer ginko. The group have been sparking off each other, resulting in some really exciting leaps. Here’s the first quarter of Snake Weather, written by / between: David Stavanger, Andy Smerdon, Cindy Keong, Katherine Battersby, Chris Lynch, Trish Reid, John Wainwright, Helen Ross, Andrew Phillips.

Snake Weather CLK

[photograph by Cindy Keong]

snake weather
he kisses his teenage daughter
on the mouth



storm clouds hide
an innocent sky



at the roadside
the empty arms
of a mother



cane fields watch
with a promise of fire



she bleeds out
in the back paddock
harvest moon



red flowers falling
they await the results



black parrots’ beaks
in the heliconia
skeletons rise from the woods



limbs entwine
love whispers its melody



she falls back
breathless into lounge arms
rolling credits



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8 responses to “Snake Weather: A Summer Renga

  1. very cool collection…i’m always amazed at how much can be said with such few words..always a big challenge for me…smiles

  2. This is looking amazing – the first quarter came together beautifully; looking forward to more

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