nature trail: a haiku sequence

To follow on from yesterday, here’s a selection of my own haiku from the Karawatha State Forest ginko…Β  the place, the poets and their poems continue to resonate…

[photographs by Cindy Keong]

Nature Trail CLK

nature trail
the song of crickets
becomes a stream


summer sky
seen through eucalypts
seen through

Karawatha CLK

on the fallen eucalypt
all moving


among them
the lizard’s tail


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5 responses to “nature trail: a haiku sequence

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  2. misswoodhouse

    Lovely. I especially like the part that is ‘seen through’; very meditative.

  3. oh i love esp. the cricket songs becoming a stream…such a cool image..can hear them…

  4. I also esp. enjoyed the cricket songs becoming a stream…it really struck my senses.

  5. Agree with Claudia and Charles πŸ™‚ but the whole sequence is very good.

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