Summer Ginko: Karawatha State Forest

Yesterday, I had the absolute pleasure of hosting a ginko (haiku walk) through Karawatha State Forest. Ten of us gathered to revel in the beauty of the summer morning that awaited us and of course, share in the wonder of haiku. So after a pot or two of authentic Japanese green tea (thanks Andrew) and recitations of some of the groups favourite summer haiku, we all set off to walk, and importantly, find a place to be still, to become one with the surroundings.

After an hour and a half of walking, contemplating and sketching from the senses, we gathered again and shared our experience… and some fine haiku were composed as a result. I am excited to share a selection of the group’s poems, along with some photographs by Cindy Keong.


in a shadow
the kookaburra misses

Helen Ross


i want to go both ways

Trish Reid


Rusted Bark CLK
Cindy Keong


heavy sun
crow pleads
with the rusted tap

Katherine Battersby


cicadas suddenly silent, all the burnt gum trees

Chris Lynch


after the storm
one root of the grey gum
my broken toe

Andrew Phillips


Roots CLK

Cindy Keong


flashing sunlight at my eyes     butterfly

John Wainwright


stubbing my toe
I mimic the crow’s call

Cindy Keong


Quartzite Man CLK

Cindy Keong


under a black wing
ants feast
the sky moves on

Andy Smerdon


snake weather
he kisses his teenage daughter
on the mouth

David Stavanger


The group will now compose a renga, leading off with David’s ‘snake weather’, which was voted the most resonant poem by the group on the day… Am looking forward to sharing that with you in the coming weeks.


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7 responses to “Summer Ginko: Karawatha State Forest

  1. Looks like a fruitful walk.

  2. Lovely place to go wandering 🙂 I love Helen’s – haha – can just see that Kookaburra dive bombing a shadow. Looks like a very fruitful ginko.

  3. It was a great time. Thanks Graham for all your assistance. I learnt so much, and all the poets were very friendly, and inspiring. There was a lovely vibe. Love the haiku that was created, which work so well with Cindy’s photos. And thanks Gabrielle for the comment.

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  5. misswoodhouse

    Captivating images! And the photos are a perfect fit.

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