HENKŌ, the ManyWay Renga wants your words

I have been loving the leap and link of our Summer Renga, The Crow (w/ Ashley Martin and Cindy Keong), so was very excited when I cam across HENKŌ, the new project from Canadian poet, Sachiko Murakami.

Henko Renga

HENKŌ extends the renga to its 21st Century possibilities, with the help of Starkaður Barkarson, by allowing participants to respond to any link in the poem. This branching out allows there to be as many stanzas as there are willing poets, so if you want to be part of something truly innovative, I encourage you to visit HENKŌ, A Powell St. ManyWay Renga and add a branch of your very own…

My branch was written in response to:

Dawn on Saturday:
Still park, empty diamond –
Light shifts – a shadow

(opening link from Henko)


reappearing beyond reach
the clouds of early summer



I’ve said it before… but, collaboration is the way!




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5 responses to “HENKŌ, the ManyWay Renga wants your words

  1. misswoodhouse

    Things like this make me grateful for the internet all over again! And the possibility of nearly limitless response is exciting and beautiful in its own right.

  2. An interesting project. I was not moved to contribute, but I think I will create a link at ‘the zen space’.

  3. sounds cool..over to check it out..

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