The Crow: A Summer Renga (part iii)

rearview - AM

[photograph by Ashley Martin]


milky saucer
cat’s got
your ebbing tongue


the pond turns silver


rear view mirror
leaving town
at the lights


half a palace you bragged
our names in glyph


looking around
to ensure no one sees –
naked ladies


the gardener’s
toothless grin


Filed under poetry

5 responses to “The Crow: A Summer Renga (part iii)

  1. the gardener’s
    toothless grin…nice…

  2. Rachael Briggs

    Ha, the gardener! Also enjoyed the cat dish/moon that becomes the freezing pond that becomes the rearview mirror of the people skipping town for warmer weather. (OK, that may be imposing more order on the thing than is technically desirable. Still, that’s how I pictured that movement.)

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