The Crow: A Summer Renga (part ii)

Renga part ii- CLK

[photograph by Cindy Keong]


he sets back his watch
one hour
to save himself


three hairs on the pillow
give her away


one night stand
the weeds in the garden


city workers
the sisters will not reconcile


at the altar
the complete absence
of prayer


an act of defiance
her perfume lingers


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6 responses to “The Crow: A Summer Renga (part ii)

  1. Very fine indeed…the last two knocked my socks off as they say.

  2. ha..nice…love the pic…and the setting back his watch made me smile..oh my…smiles

  3. Rachael Briggs

    Am I right that the poetic links are half Graeme and half Cindy? One really lovely thing is how well the links listen to and cooperate with each other; I think that’s the most difficult and most important thing about any form of collaborative writing.

    It’s hard to pick standout links, because the whole thing is strong, but I am still a fan of “complete absence of prayer”.

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