The Crow: A Summer Renga (part i)

Ashley, Cindy and I have teamed up again to write a renga to celebrate each of the seasons in 2013. And already the excitement is building between us! We are also hatching some other exciting plans at present, so stay tuned. For now, the first six links in our summer renga, ‘the crow’.

the crow

[photograph by Cindy Keong]


the crow
has a song for it
summer heat


the drip, drip
of humidity


they gave up
because of the highway
silverfish, so soft bodied


on the front stairs
nothing but your shoes


autumn moon
your side of the bed


shoppers notice lights
already  turned on



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5 responses to “The Crow: A Summer Renga (part i)

  1. Looking forward to the rest of the series.

  2. wonderful…esp. liked the..the highway
    silverfish, so soft bodied… and i’m too looking forward to the next part

  3. Rachael Briggs

    These are gorgeous. I’ve been experimenting with renga, and the difficulty of the form has enhanced my appreciation for instances where it works. I love the silverfish. I also love that these renga include photos as links. Off to comment on Part II now.

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