fire storm
the changing shape
of darkness


So much of our country has been ravaged by fires this past few days and there are many still burning out of control. Let us all hope that there is relief from the blaze soon…



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  1. Such a horrible condition…hope all is well with you and yours…take good care.

  2. i have heard about the fires in the news..hopefully they manage to get them under control soon..

  3. misswoodhouse

    We had wild fires here last summer, and even at a remove of 20 miles from my house (and, thankfully, across a river they did not jump), the haze and smoke and smell was sickening. I hope these are gotten under control before too much loss of life or property.

  4. Fantastic haiku Graham! I fear the worse is yet to come and Qld is in the lineup – yikes – very stressful for those in the high risk areas and devastating for the ones who have lost houses and been injured.

  5. it tingle my spine G.
    Hope it goes away soon.
    ours is (almost) under the water. crazy and amazing world.

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