Join the Regime

2013 is already off to a flyer, with an exciting writing project just completed (the foreword to the latest release from one of my literary and music heroes) and two poems accepted in Regime Magazine, an exciting journal of new writing coming out of Perth, Western Australia.

And while we are talking Regime Magazine, they are currently looking for poems from the underbelly of life…


Whether it is life on the streets, alcohol, drugs, sex or crime, there has for hundreds of years been a profound attraction for writers to the seedier elements of existence.

The Regime de Vivre Poetry Prize 2013 will be for poetry that is bold enough to fearlessly tackle these themes. The most fascinating poetry sometimes comes from the darkest places; from Baudelaire to Bukowski, the list of writers inspired by this side of life is almost endless.

The prize will be awarded to the poem that best embodies the spirit of the prize itself.

For full details on how to enter, visit the Regime site and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for when submissions for Issue #3 open.



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6 responses to “Join the Regime

  1. Woo! Me too 🙂 Awesome magazine!

  2. sounds like a great theme
    and am looking forward to read the pieces…

  3. nice…i like writers who are not afraid to tackle those subjects…big bukowski fan..

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