Live Sounds of 2012: A.A. Bondy

As the year rushes to its close, I plan to take a trip back through my 2012 concert calendar; to share with you the sounds that have flooded from the stages of countless venues. First up, let’s step back to Monday January 23, when American alt-folk singer, A.A. Bondy toured Australia for the first time on the strength of his third album, Believers. The Brisbane leg of the tour rolled in to The Powerhouse and Bondy’s intimate, reverb-caressed sounds got the music year off to a delightfully languorous beginning… Here’s A.A. playing Surfer King from 2011’s Believers live in the ABC Studio:

And with Springsteen touring in 2013 (and yes, I have tickets!), I couldn’t resist posting A.A. covering I’m On Fire.



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2 responses to “Live Sounds of 2012: A.A. Bondy

  1. Someone I didn’t know…thanks for the intro to his music.

  2. I love this live version – so intimate and moving, do him real good.
    (I am on fire is on of my fav lately and so this didn’t stand up to the big shoes – not in my opinion)

    looking forward to get the rest of your schedule – great start

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