It is almost one month on from t.h.e.’s first birthday and yesterday, the remaining birthday balloons gasped their last… so this one’s for you, little boy.

birthday balloons deflated

for t.h.e.

summer heat
the air gone out
of birthday ballons


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  1. Tash Adams

    Another fantastic haiku & wonderful sentiment. Graham do u take the photos too? Great quality pic. tash

  2. i love when we find poetry in everything around us..even in things that others would overlook..made me smile…he will love your poetry once he’s old enough to read..smiles

    • gnunn

      thanks claudia, i don’t want to make things go any faster than they are, but i am looking forward to t.h.e. being able to read the words i have penned for him.

  3. πŸ™‚
    and I agree with Claudia.

  4. It’s wonderful how the everyday images around us can inspire such fine poetry as this.

  5. misswoodhouse

    Yes! A poem about something I have found poignant many, many times with my own childrens’ birthday balloons! Lovely.

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