Hands Up for Indigenous Literacy

If you are here right now, chances are you have the literacy skills to successfully engage with your community and the wider world. Literacy is one of the things that unites us and allows us to face the world with confidence.

Sadly, right here in our own backyard, young people in indigenous communities face a one in five chance of becoming literate. This is a statistic that continues to outrage me… how, in a country as blessed as ours, has this been allowed to happen? I don’t have any easy answer for that, but what I do want to be is part of a solution.

That’s where I need your help…

Wall of Hands

Currently, the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation (ALNF) are working with Indigenous communities and schools around Australia with the aim that 5 out of 5 kids will learn to read – the vital first step to a satisfying and successful life. They are now striving to raise $300 000 to continue their work, so I am planning on raising funds through the sale of my book, The First 30 and other poems and other Another Lost Shark Publications, to help them reach that goal.

This seems fitting, as t.h.e. nunn already has a passion for books and will without doubt, become literate.

So here’s what I am asking…

If you can dig deep and purchase a book from the Another Lost Shark Online Store for the set price of $20 in Australia or $25 for those of you who are overseas, I will send you a second book or spoken word CD and donate $15 from your purchase to the ALNF Wall of Hands Project (the remaining dollars paying for postage and handling).

Once you have made your payment, email me at this address anotherlostshark(at)gmail.com (remember to change the (at) for @ when sending your email) and let me know which book you would like to purchase – The First 30 and other poems, home{sic} or Stolen Moments. I can then email you back and thank you personally!

I am also asking people to spread the word about this wide and far… so if you feel it’s worthy, tweet it, facebook it, email it, call your friends about it. Everything helps.

This project will run from Monday December 3 to Friday December 14, so that all books can be posted before Christmas.Ideally, I would like to raise $520 which can provide teaching to a young person in a remote community for 6 months. This means I need to sell roughly 25 books.

So if you can, please put your hand up (or better still, in your pocket) for indigenous literacy and get behind this project.


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7 responses to “Hands Up for Indigenous Literacy

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  2. Graham…no need to send me a book or CD…just donate the full amount to Literacy Fund..Cheers!

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