Spotlight on QLD Poets #6: Jenny Wright

This is the last in the spotlight series, but it will not be the last you hear from these exciting new voices, so be sure to keep your ear to the ground for new work from each of the ‘spotlighted’ poets. I also want to thank everyone who has read and/or commented on each of the spotlight posts. As a poet, it can be daunting to send your words out into the world, so thank you all for making each of these poets welcome. To finish off the series, it is my pleasure to introduce Jenny Wright.

Jenny Wright is Welsh and at fourteen arrived in Australia. In the sixties she went to P.N.G. and remained for twelve years. Jenny has had seven children, has eight grandchildren and one great grandson.

She lives alone, except for her dog, in a very old house that originally was a hall. Jenny does little housework and aims to paint or write most of the day, except when travelling, although friends and family do take up pleasurable time.

She enjoys wandering in the desert and tries to spend six months each year exploring Australia.



what country did they leave
to live in this poor shack?
rough walls
a rougher shelf for tea caddy, clock
and origami bird.

two cups of tea grow cold
‘be safe my love. take care.’
he stares at her hand on his.
how to bear this parting?
how long before she touches him again?

their child sleeps.
they fear to wake her
but she must not rise to find her father gone.

they never dreamed of this despair
or separation.
maybe they pray all will go well
or maybe faith has fled.


desert dawn

all is still and no crow calls
shadows listen for the sun
roos martial ready for the day

the light bursts against horizon
flows down Round Hill
engulfs spinnifex scrub and stones

roos disperse to forage
a wary rabbit twitches
as overhead an eagle hovers

an hour later a myriad flies swarm
and sweat needles red earth tattoos
on my bare face and arms


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2 responses to “Spotlight on QLD Poets #6: Jenny Wright

  1. Luke Best

    What beautiful images. Nice work Jenny!

  2. Really enjoyed these…thanks again for the introduction.

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