Spotlight on QLD Poets #5: Deborah Norrie-Jones

It has been a time of riches here at Another Lost Shark… and those riches have come in the form of the words of some of QLD’s emerging voices. Today, the spotlight is on the crystalline words of Deborah Norrie-Jones.

Deborah Norrie-Jones is an artist, arts therapist and poet. Her childhood features the wild west coast of NZ, Dunedin and PS 43, Harlem, NYC. She had a solo exhibition of poetry and art; Grief’s Resonance in Brisbane 2005. An Australasian (citizen of both Aotearoa and Oz) she reads poetry at Speedpoets, Brisbane, and Poetry Live, Auckland. She has been published in Takehe and Poetry Lines, has been a guest poet at Lopdell House and is off in January 2013 with a one way ticket to Mexico for the San Miguel International Poetry conference.


back courtyard
golden canes sweep sunshine
into Buddha’s eyes



You’ve done enough.
Leave me alone
this night beside the river.

Into dark fig trees
I turn – A sudden slash
of silver light, slices
down my back.



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5 responses to “Spotlight on QLD Poets #5: Deborah Norrie-Jones

  1. Oh that first poem was just wonderful to me because of the vivid image it created in my mind…reminding me of my bike trip to Vietnam.

  2. misswoodhouse

    Lovely, lovely!

  3. Is it just me or there is a majority of women on this list?
    Is art still one of the only places where there is no gender discrimination or I don’t see clearly.
    Your line-up reads amazing. You must be having great fun there.

  4. Luke Best

    I love these!

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