Spotlight on QLD Poets #4: Angela Willock

Thank you to everyone who has commented on the first #3 spotlight poets… the vibrant voices keep tumbling out of the Brisbane fabric! And this evening, I am delighted to shine the light on an exciting poet and performer, Angela Willock. If you like it, spread the word!

Angela Willock is a Brisbane based poet, awkward conversationalist, and alphabet enthusiast. She has been slinging words around Brisbane for the better part of a year, and can usually be found skulking in dark corners of Jam Jar Poetry Slam, Words or Whatever, and any other event going .

Her recent successes include becoming a finalist in the 2012 QLD poetry slam, performing roving poetry at Island Vibe festival as part of Monologolous Rex, and winning a jar of jam. She has also just finished facilitating poetry workshops with young women at a community organisation. She will be featuring at Raw Poet Roar on December 1st.


Learning to Count

It’s a matter of mathematics

One tired table hosts three empty chairs,
While two distraught lovers cover two months of heartache,
Dampen the death of speech by muffling one hand over the other.

Two cups of tea grow cold while four ears strain against the silence,
That was once filled by one child’s laughter.
One paper crane sits high on a shelf,
Saved by ruin from ten tiny fingers
While two breaking hearts pretend not to notice it’s irrelevance.

It’s ten past ten and the twenty concerned neighbours
Have stopped bringing food,
As if eight weeks was enough time for grieving

There are three pictures on the walls,
Stick figure photographs that they treat as priceless art
Too expensive to sell
They think of the countless number they threw away over his six years,
And go into too many pieces to count

Two sheets of blank paper mock them from the table,
Knowing they’ll never fulfil their destiny

It’s a matter of mathematics

When you’re a family
Three minus one
Leaves nothing.

(In response to an artwork from Shaun Tan’s “The Arrival”)



July cable stitched winter over
white sandstone cliffs,
The vast sprawl of darkness
swimming near the shore

Witness the corrugated whiteness of her eyes,
and blazing glitter of her fall

The current ruffles
an unmade mind
Makes your eyes water
Leaves breath cold

You will find no sign of death here

But if you close your eyes,
you might completely miss
This unknown life within you

As if she never existed at all



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5 responses to “Spotlight on QLD Poets #4: Angela Willock

  1. Luke Best

    Clever ekphrastic poem Angela (thanks to Graham I know what that word means now).

  2. oh wow…fantastic poetry…moved me deeply..thanks graham for introducing angela

  3. Of those introduced so far…she is my favorite…as my friend claudia noted “Wow”.

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