Spotlight on QLD Poets #1: Luke Best

In October, I had the absolute pleasure of spending my Wednesday nights with an inspirational group of poets as part of the QLD Writers Centre workshop series, Developing Your Poetry Practice. Over the next few days, I will be shining the spotlight on some of these exciting QLD voices… I am sure you will be hearing more from each of them over the coming years!

First up in the series, I shine the light on Luke Best.

An emerging poet from Toowoomba, Luke Best has held numerous atypical jobs such as Pest Controller and Postie and aspires towards a career as a Fireman. His poetry stems from an upbringing in his beloved Darling Downs and is based on regional idiosyncrasies found therein.

A child of the 80’s, he shares his birth year with influences like Sarah Holland-Batt and LK Holt. He was highly commended in the 2010 Thomas Shapcott Prize.


An Undoing

I wanted not to sleep last night
for it was raining;
heavy like a lull
woken with a shout.
Laughter was strewn
across the lawn-
the mess of it.
I took up my mattock
and set out to wipe
the smile off its face.

In a flurry of swipes,
a wound took form.
An oozing gash
of claret and earthworm.
I went deeper. Striking sandy loam
and stones and half-et-bones
and it smelt of
moss and myrrh.

Night averted her eyes;
branded me a fool.
Perhaps I was. Perhaps now,
as mud congeals on my every limb
and my yard is a frown
of motes and craters,
I concede.


Retribution of the Going Gone

I am without spine
and have tumbled down
the backyard – all heels
and arse.
I’ve a gun.

This Candlebark,
this mangy old mate.
His shavings drizzle.
I’ve a pocket.
Are there ways? Means? I too,
am Eucalypt.
Clock off time.
I’ve a note.
We begin to sap;
weep the stuff like sweat.



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3 responses to “Spotlight on QLD Poets #1: Luke Best

  1. Thanks for the introduction to his poetry.

  2. nice…i like his poetry…and can’t wait for the other spotlights..

  3. misswoodhouse

    I love these images!

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