Fauna Sounds: Talking with a.rawlings

Just before angela rawlings landed on our shores, Cordite editor, Kent MacCarter, tapped me on the shoulder and invited me to interview her about her Sound Poetry and Visual Poetry Project, which morphed into the intensely wonderful Gibber. That interview, aptly dubbed, Fauna Sounds, is now available to read as part of Cordite Issue 40: Interlocutor. And yes… we talked!

The interview spanned the majority of angela’s residency, slowing building as the Gibber project took flight. Re-reading this interview has been a joy, as angela’s quiet wisdom and boundless generosity burn brightly. And as someone who watched the project grow, I feel that the interview provides more than a few wonderful insights into the creative process of a truly innovative artist.

The full interview is available here, and while you are there, be sure to check out the rest of the issue… there is much to be reveled in!



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2 responses to “Fauna Sounds: Talking with a.rawlings

  1. KM

    And what a great interview, Graham. Hope you don’t mind that the final title gave a nod to Brian Wilson’s opus, ‘Pet Sounds’. Some further Gibberese doings are brewing that may appear on Cordite.

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