Lavender Room Zine-in-a-Matchbox Issue #10

This ‘Golden Stapler’ nominated zine has reached its landmark 10th issue and this Lost Shark, can be found lurking inside the pages. For those of you who are not familiar with The Lavender Room, each issue features:

Ye Olde Picture Books – what amazing vintage books have I found in secondhand shops?
Raise High the Salinger – quotes from the dearly departed J.D.Salinger
Thankyou for Being a Friend – my Golden Girls pick of talented friends!
For Want of a Word – want a word? I’ve got one!
Tools in Vogue – what tools have featured in my life of late?
The ebay That Got Away – it’s tough being outbid!
A ‘Pome’ from Pas – for some literary sensation

but to make issue #10 that little bit special The Lavender Room treats you to sneezing, an albatross, fashion and Hashimoto in Springtime!

And let’s not forget that each zine comes with a solitary match to set it all on fire after reading! Pick up a copy here.


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7 responses to “Lavender Room Zine-in-a-Matchbox Issue #10

  1. beautiful concept. I am heading to see if there are any left.

    (and Vol. 11.7 is here and wonderful – thank you Graham)

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