10 seconds from every Top 100 song EVER!

Can you believe it! Every ‘Top 100 Song’ (from the Billboard Charts) from the Year 1959 onwards has been cut-up and smooshed together into 17 hours of audio magic. Now, you all know that I am, for the most part, averse to pop music, but this has proved absolutely captivating! Even if you play the year of your birth and one or two other favourite years from your life, this is going to infect you with songs you never dreamed of hearing again and send shivers of cringeworthiness and delight in equal measure right through you. You can even follow along with the chart lists to work out who ‘sang that song’. So get ready to enter the swirl of 53 years of pop music… it’s an absolute trip!

Jump in here!


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7 responses to “10 seconds from every Top 100 song EVER!

  1. can’t find my year of birth …

  2. That was a real trip…well actually it made me feel a bit old after I listened carefully. πŸ™‚

  3. Bwahahaha – that is totally insane! I just did the year I left school – haha – memories πŸ™‚

  4. i thought that was a strange concept so i headed there and.. indeed i find it strange. i admit there is something nice about that but i couldn’t hold on to listening to more than 7-8 songs at a time..

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