Share Your Shelf

The first port of call for me in any household is a person’s book shelves, closely followed by their music collection (however it may be stored – though I have to confess, digital is a bit of a turn off). More than anything, books and music provide an insight into a person’s world… not only do you get to see what a person has valued enough to bring into their home, but you get a feel for what they have whirling around inside their head. Books and music are universal in their appeal, yet every collection, in every household is completely unique. Books and music provide an intimate snapshot of who you are… and that’s just the contents I am talking about! You can also tell a lot about a person from the way they organise their collections.

So you can imagine my delight, when I stumbled across this great tumblr site: Share Your Shelf.

Now you can travel into homes and explore the universe of books that people cherish. And let’s not forget, you can share your own shelves! Here’s one of my favourite shelves…it houses, some of my Ferlinghetti, Ginsberg and Kerouac collection:

So c’mon, why not share one of yours!?



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7 responses to “Share Your Shelf

  1. I do that too – have a good poke around people’s bookshelves and cd collections – bugger the electronic collections (too well hidden). Unfortunately I am packing to move house and my bookshelves are practically empty – I still have lots of photographs around the place but the books and cds are boxed (except the current pile of reading – which is confidential, so no photos – haha).

  2. Excellent idea, Graham – will have to do that when I get home

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  4. It’s uncanny! I’ve just been working on a piece about exploring someone’s bookshelf. Cool idea photograph/sharing them. Thanks for this post.

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