Listening to Tempest

September 11, 2012, the official release date of Tempest,  Dylan’s 35th official studio album, the second time that Bob has dropped an album on this date. Last time it was Love and Theft on September 11, 2001, but without saying too much, its release was overshadowed by the events of that day…

Ironically, all of the critics are saying that this is Bob’s finest album since Love and Theft, an album that I have listened to repeatedly over the last decade (and a bit) and still stands up as one of the great Dylan albums. It felt momentous going into the record store to buy Tempest this afternoon, the feeling that this may be the last time I have the pleasure of buying a new studio album stirring somewhere in the cortex, though, I have a feeling Bob’s tank is far from empty.

Days like this come all too infrequently… I was there the day Together Through Life, Modern Times and  Love and Theft were released (sadly I missed the release day of Time Out Of Mind, but have made up for it with countless listens since), and can still remember rushing home to rip the plastic off each album and spend some time with Bob’s latest bolts of life.

And tonight was extra special… because Jules & t.h.e. nunn were both there for the first listen.

I am not going to talk too much about it, other than that it has put a lasting smile on my face and given me a warm feeling in the gut. But stay tuned… the in depth review will come soon. Now for listen number #2!


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