Your mid-week live poetry fix

It’s National Poetry Week, so here’s a healthy hit of live poetry…

First up, here’s a link to listen to Poetica’s ‘National Poetry Week’ show, featuring the work of some of this country’s finest new voices – Michelle Dicinoski, Fiona Wright, Eileen Chong & Anthony Lynch; as well as the work of the late Rosemary Dobson and QLD stalwart, Bruce Dawe.

You can listen to the full show here.

Next, here’s a clip from QLD Poetry Festival 2012, featuring Pascalle Burton and Tylea. This piece closed Tylea’s set and the festival, so it’s a real pleasure to relive it again. [In other Tylea news, you can catch her at the Dowse Bar on Sunday Sept. 16]

While we are talking all things QLD Poetry Festival, here’s a link to the official photo roll of the event. Again, it’s wonderful to relive what was a poetically monumental weekend!

And last of all, here’s a clip of me reading my poem Beyond at the now sadly defunct, Back Room readings at Confit Bistro. As always Sheish Money is beside me doing what he does best…

[Big thanks to Francis Boyle for supplying the video footage]


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3 responses to “Your mid-week live poetry fix

  1. very cool…loved seeing you performing the piece..

  2. I always feel inspired to try something new when I see what you all are doing down under. πŸ™‚ Enjoyed your reading much Graham.

  3. am indeed sad to hear that Confit will no longer be a part of the burgeoning poetry scene in this mixed-up, shook-up, funny ol’ world. Ray Davies would no doubt shake a sad head & offer a small & somewhat twisted smile…

    still, commercial imperatives rule, no? and after all, it’s only human culture that suffers… as long as the cash registers keep ringing… oh christ, there’s a wealth of Phd theses in this…

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