Bob blows the Duquesne Whistle

The release of Tempest, Bob Dylan’s 35th album is edging ever closer. So far Bob has released Early Roman Kings on a trailer for American TV show, Strike Back but now, the first official clip (and one would expect the only) from Tempest is available over at The Guardian.

Like the clip for Beyond Here Lies Nothin’ from Together Through Life, it’s a violent affair; the will of the heart pit against mace, the police force and a vengeful man. All the while Bob roams the street leading a band of misfits, including a Gene Simmons look-a-like. It’s whacky stuff!

And then there’s the song… the band is firing; their jazzy swagger allowing Bob’s worn voice to sound off ‘like the sky’s gonna blow apart’.  Roll on September 11… it’s the day the budget will be delivered in QLD, but in this house all that matters is that there is budget for Tempest to come on home.



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6 responses to “Bob blows the Duquesne Whistle

  1. wow. dylan just amazes me, over and over again. i’ve been out of the dylan loop slightly these few past seasons, so cant thank you enuff for this gem!

  2. someone once said to me that he thinks that dylan is first a poet, second a musician…i think he’s awesome either way..

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