Another Lost Shark Publications is proud to release Private Conversations by Cameron Hindrum

It’s been an incredibly busy year here at ALS headquarters… first off we launched Brisbane New Voices III featuring the work of Vanessa Page and Carmen Leigh Keates; then it was home{sic} by Julie Beveridge and now we have Private Conversations by Cameron Hindrum, the debut release in our First Words series (oh, and of course there is The First 30 and other poems, but that will be launched later in the year).

The First Words series will debut Australian writers in elegant, limited edition chapbooks and I am incredibly excited to have Cameron’s work feature in volume 1. Apart from being a fine poet, Cameron has been tireless in his support of the Tasmanian poetry community, directing the Tasmanian Poetry Festival since 2003. Your first chance to get a copy of Private Conversations will be next weekend at QPF 2012 (in fact you will be able to pick up all of the above ALS Publications). For now… here’s a preview:

Morning Burial

I am dressed for work.
She keeps him inside where
cartoons bathe him in noise
while I open a grave in cold
morning earth
and do not tell him.

The spade slices into dirt
and heaps it neatly to one side
near the fish pond.  I don’t know
how deep I should go.
I should be in the car.
Instead I have to lie.

A small plastic bag, a small
fragile body. Soft fur.
I carefully arrange the deceased
in this shallow grave.
The plastic bag sits bright
like an insult.

Cold earth peppers the plastic;
the hole is quickly hidden.
I smooth it over, replace bark chips.
No one will ever know
except his mother and I, and we
will keep our burden.

Cartoons will keep him safe.


Cameron Hindrum lives, writes and works in Launceston, Tasmania. This is his first published collection of poetry. Since 2003 he has coordinated the annual Tasmanian Poetry Festival, and he has performed at the Queensland Poetry Festival, WordStorm in Darwin, the Byron Bay Writers Festival, the Australian Poetry Slam National Final and at readings around Tasmania.  His novel The Blue Cathedral (Forty South Books) was published in November 2011, and will be launched at the 2012 Melbourne Writers Festival.  His second poetry chapbook, the second volume of Private Conversations, is published by Walleah Press.



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5 responses to “Another Lost Shark Publications is proud to release Private Conversations by Cameron Hindrum

  1. I wonder how many parents have performed that ritual…really liked the way it was presented in his poem.

  2. great poem. onya, sharkie! the world needs more good poetry books, i swear it. and y’all know it’s true.

  3. cos you didn’t book me! 🙂 nah, er, ‘personal reasons.’ ha! 🙂 no more rubbing it in now, please…

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