We all need more poetry in our lives

With QLD Poetry Festival a mere 7 days away, my life is about to be whirled up in a wash of strange words… if you have not yet run your eyes over the program, then you can do so here. Without doubt, this is my ‘weekend of the year’.

But poetry needs more than just a weekend… for those of us who keep its fire lit, it has become part of our everyday, but there are many who I am sure feel distant from its spell. So if you are wondering how poetry is part of your life, Seth Abramson is here to reassure you, in no less than 100 ways, that it most certainly is.

Here’s three of my favourites:

When there’s a single word no daily tribulation permits you to forget for hours on end.

When you exhibit, in any fora or through any media, a passion for honest communication.

When you dare to be spectacular, and when you dare admit the spectacular to the workaday.

(Read the whole article here)

Now I’m off to chase poetry in the lights of this elegant Friday…


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