Charge of the Instrumentalists

Two major names have just announced that they are Brisbane bound and (excitedly) both will be firsts for this Lost Shark!

Emerging from the fertile Chicago scene in 1990, Tortoise’s heady mix of Krautrock, avant-jazz, electronica and dub have placed them at the forefront of the instrumental / post rock scene. Their genre-busting sound is intensely structured yet free flowing, and live (although I have only witnessed them via YouTube) they kick as hard as any rock’n’roll band. So this time round, I know I will be front and centre when they play The Zoo on Friday October 12.

Here they are playing High Class Slim Came Floatin’ In (from Beacons of Ancestorship)

Then less than a week later, Portland Oregon’s finest post rockers, Grails hit The Zoo’s stage for their first Australian tour. Since forming in 2003, Grails have mixed burbling synths, rock-heavy riffs, abstract noises and clattering drums, with middle eastern influences to produce a staggering album a year. Their approach can swing from searing metal to swirling ambience and I am certain that they are going to take the tops off a few heads when they play The Zoo on Wednesday October 17.

Here they are playing Almost Grew My Hair (from Deep Politics)


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One response to “Charge of the Instrumentalists

  1. So much fine music in the world…really enjoyed these two songs.

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